Outsourced Chief Investment Officer Services

The Benefits of an OCIO

If your RIA is seeking additional expertise and leverage, our Outsourced CIO solution was designed to provide key deliverables that free up advisors to spend more time with clients while keeping your firm connected to the ultimate investment process they employ.

Designed for Independent Advisors

As an independent advisor ourselves, we understand your clients and the important interplay between financial planning and investments. RIAs serve a sophisticated array of clients in an environment that is constantly evolving in complexity, risk, and the speed and agility required to respond to markets.

Rather than a subscription service that is one-size-fits-all, we build a customized relationship with firms to create deliverables they need most, freeing up their time to engage with clients on the more personal side of investing.

Why Choose Outsourced Investing?

Your practice and your clients can benefit:

Regain Time

By outsourcing important investment processes that take considerable time and expertise, advisors free up time for individual investment conversations, additional client care, and other areas of practice management.

Reduce Risk & Overhead

When dedicated experts manage key areas such as manager selection, due diligence, and deliverable preparation, advisors reduce staffing and technology costs while ensuring a standardized and repeatable process.

Enhance Your Platform

With our team’s leverage and support, you can build out a customized investment platform with expanded research capabilities and investment choices to help meet and exceed client expectations.

Our OCIO Services

While every OCIO relationship is customized, here is a look at some of the services we provide to advisors:

Routine Services

  • A customized suite of research support as needed based on your goals
  • Personalized support on proposal and presentation responses
  • Support for transitioning and onboarding large relationships
  • Weekly Research Email
  • Access to Investment Team Members
  • Updates on approved managers and notification of status changes
  • Updates on Affirmative Investment Committee Votes (held monthly)
  • Routinely updated model portfolios and approved managers


  • Client-facing Investment Commentary
  • Attribution/Outlier report for an agreed-upon list of your managers as well as any managers from the Wealthspire recommended list


  • Capital market assumption updates
  • Participation by an investment team member in up to two investment committee meetings via phone
  • Additional Services Available Upon Discussion
  • Video meetings with individual advisors or clients
  • Further client-facing content: video tutorials, blogs, and infographics

Our Investment Team’s Core Philosophies

1 We are passionate about financial markets, manager due diligence, and investment strategies.

2 We are responsive to the needs, questions, and requests of Advisors.

3 We provide timely and accessible information on managers and markets.

4 We are intellectually honest, rigorous and naturally skeptical of the latest “shiny object.”

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