Endowments and Foundations

Small and midsize endowments and foundations have unique challenges and needs from larger organizations

Smaller endowments and foundations typically experience a higher turnover in staff, have fewer in-house resources to leverage, and need to minimize operational costs. They must balance these things while also generating long-term results that are lower risk. Without access to in-house expertise, small and mid-size endowments and foundations often rely on outside partners for guidance. Wealthspire is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) serving as a wealth advisor, investment manager, financial consultant, and fiduciary for our clients.

Our Services for Endowments and Foundations

  • Investment Policy Statement creation, construction, implementation, and revisions 
  • Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction 
  • Manager Selection 
  • Environment, Social, & Governance (ESG) Investment research, considerations, and recommendations 
  • Performance Measurement and Monitoring 
  • Administrative Support 
  • Custodial Services 
  • Trading and Rebalancing 
  • Education 

Our Dedicated Team

Our advisors bring decades of sophisticated expertise managing the financial complexities of individuals and families across generations. Their backgrounds and experiences are as diverse as their clients; we have over 90 advisors across the U.S. to serve you. Looking for a financial advisor? Start your search here.

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